January 24, 2022: DCA Group and GEDA Kenya, have signed a trade partnership deal with global logistics provider DHL and Bolt courier services to enable its Client’s products to be accessible for export across the globe in Africa via its global e-Commerce platform.
The eCommerce Manager, Mr. Michael Wagura, said the DHL partnership will help the business improve delivery to the global markets at a global scale, while Bolt will ensure local markets are served.

The COVID-19 pandemic has seen the rise of the use of e-commerce among Kenyan and African MSME due to travel restrictions. Kenya where DCA/GEDA based its operation is ranked number 88th in fastest-growing e-commerce economies worldwide according to the 2020 UNCTAD B2C Commerce Index. It ranked 4th Sub Saharan Africa behind Mauritius, South Africa, and Nigeria.

The DCA group hopes the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) agreement would assist in facilitating trade by removing tariffs from 90% of goods, allowing free access to commodities, goods, and services across the continent, to boost intra-African trade by 52 percent by 2022.  It can result in the gradual altering of global supply chains and could help to realize more in untapped intra-African exports. DCA’s eCommerce activities are also expected to increase business opportunities for its women customers, by allowing specialized service offering through its integrated Fintech solution.___________________

Earlier this year, the DotConnectAfrica (DCA) Group, had restructured under Global Economic Development Alliance (GEDA) Investment group based in Kenya offering digital transformation solutions to Africa. GEDA Investment group Kenya is a pan-African investment company interested in the development of emerging economies, particularly with the strategic sector of Africa. GEDA is currently vested in – Technology, FinTech, Media, and Realty.

The future of Africa is digital. Therefore, the GEDA group of companies is committed to adapting its existing strategic purpose-driven approach to connect African businesses to the global markets through technology and knowledge economy. 

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We thank you for being part of over a decade of the journey under a single brand that has achieved so much to Africa’s social, economic, and political discourse and across the world. 


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