Market Environment

The emerging market economies will remain important contributors to sizable economic growth on a global scale, and Africa which has witnessed between 5 and 6 per economic growth within the past decade also promises to become an important market for technologies as economic conditions improve through the attainment of further growth.

GEDA group is poised to take advantage of these promising developments by concentrating its investments in the technology, digital telecommunications and Internet, Energy, eCommerce, modern agricultural techniques, African entrepreneurs and Financing Innovation, Investment in human capital, Education and eHealth Care, especially in Africa.


With the new cable projects all over Africa, increased telecommunications bandwidth will become increasingly available, and this will in turn improve connectivity and Internet availability all over Africa.

The global market in Information and communications technologies has witnessed a phenomenal boom within the past two decades. This has been driven largely by the expansion of the Internet, and other digital content disseminated by satellite-based broadcast technologies. This has resulted in the Internet becoming a global technology platform for innovation, electronic business, communications, information exchange, etc.

Financial Innovation
Africa remains the continent with the lowest banking penetration and financial inclusion rates in the world. In order to improve access to financial services, financial innovation has to be promoted and encouraged. An inclusive and well functioning financial services sector is of paramount importance for unlocking economic growth in an economy. Innovative banking services such as mobile money will help catapult Africa and GEDA is keen to use this avenue to advance African growth.

Energy security

Africa must be able to must meet its medium-term energy supply requirements while innovating for the long term in clean coal technologies, nuclear energy and renewable energy. GEDA takes smart energy among its key concern areas.


Innovation is required to develop solutions that can improve the delivery of healthcare in Africa in an inclusive, effective and affordable manner, this will include adoption of smart health services that require synergy of health systems and ICT in a modern way. GEDA partners with key stakeholders in this sector to design new cost effective ways to revolutionize the health sector.

The quality of health has direct correlation to economic prosperity and is therefore non negotiable. As African nations transform their economies, the wellbeing of nearly a billion people becomes a major priority. Long-term investment in facilities, equipment, and services are required to achieve the level of healthcare that Africans need and deserve.


Education remains one of the most viable ways to catalyze African growth. By overhauling and redesigning the curricular to the localized context, this is likely  to  develop the required skills  needed  to  fast-track  the  economic  development  of the  continent  and  to  increase the  employability  of  their citizen

GEDA is in the heart of partnering with relevant stakeholders in the education sector to provide smart education technologies and platforms, while advising institutions to design localized education solutions.


Agriculture contributes to more than 30% of the GDP of most African countries and is by far the largest employer on the continent. Agribusiness also remains one of Africa’s untapped resource. Africa is dependent on Agriculture for its feed. Strategies  for  the agricultural  sector  have  to  be  developed  in  such  a  way that  they  ensure the  sustainable  use  of  resources  and minimize  their  impact  on the  environment.  The prioritization of  sustainability  will  also  ensure  that  future generations  will  benefit  from  the  natural  endowment of their  countries.

Adopting new Agri-Tech mechanisms that advance synergy between technology and Agriculture GEDA aims to revolutionize the sector and improve revenues using environmentally saving technologies while partnering with global organizations.

GEDA group also promotes the investment to other private equity and institutional investors so as to assist the process of bringing together the necessary capital for the type of investments it peruses.

Realty and Hospitality

Africa is slowly moving to the middle income status, in the next 10 Years, realty will remain among the most upwardly trending sector and GEDA views this as part of focus areas to partner in order to manage the best real estate portfolios. A property management reach, investment and development model offering end-to-end services along the real estate value chain, from management to joint-venture investments is what we are targeting.

The extended reach of this sector into the hospitality business presents additional opportunities.

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